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Mission Statement

Ecotone Projects, LLC is a Steward Ownership style company that practices Purpose Driven Capital. For steward-owned companies, profits are a means to an end, which is meaningful activity. That purpose of the company is defined by both the company’s managers and its workers. The company’s activity then should be of some value to all the people within itself, and recognize its actions have impacts on the wider community as well. By wider community, we mean not just customers but human society and the environment. The distinction is significant, because it places the company in service of society. Also, recognition of a social responsibility for the company means that profit generating activity that conflicts with its purpose or has negative externalities should be rejected. In the broadest sense Steward Ownership and Purpose Driven Capital has two missions, to provide financially sound and meaningful work.

To address these goals, Ecotone Projects, LLC has founded Havenroot, providing forest campground style recreation environments and facilities with educational elements. These include ecological restoration activities that promote a sense of belonging to, and contributing to living forests, farms, and human communities. Havenroot will present participants with opportunities to not only recreate away from the stress of modern urban life, but also personally help restore damaged environments back to healthy ecosystems if they choose, while performing fun and inspiring outdoor activities both individually and in social groups. Our purpose then includes creating activities for our customers worth paying for that may also foster new attitudes and paradigms about humanity’s identity, perhaps as stewards in a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with the natural  world. 

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