Ecotone Gardens

ECOTONE GARDENS is our adventure into sustainable living. We have 20 acres southwest of Eugene Oregon. It currently consists of 9.2 acres of pasture, and 10.8 acres of young forest on the hill. It is our intent to convert this beautiful property into something which will likely be even more beautiful. Using the principles of Permaculture, we will be planting Edible Forest Gardens, and building a new home by hand using primarily local materials with the goal of a zero net energy design.

The term Ecotone refers to the transition area between two adjacent ecological communities. It may appear on the ground as a gradual blending of the two communities across a broad area, or it may manifest itself as a sharp boundary line. This creates multiple habitats over short distances. This ‘edge effect’ usually has greater diversity and produces more abundantly. Ecotones are a major design consideration in Edible Forest Gardens